How President-elect Donald Trump’s immigration policies could impact Ventura County

Agriculture was not a focus of the 2016 election campaign, but President-elect Donald Trump repeatedly made headlines because of his strong, sometimes shifting, stances on issues such as immigration, trade and climate change.

California’s ongoing drought and the number of immigrant farm workers employed in Ventura County, have local farm owners, workers and law experts alike anxious about Trump’s impending presidency. Though views on the president-elect’s proposed policies are sharply divided, many agree on one thing: Trump’s unpredictability makes preparing for potential policy changes difficult, if not impossible.

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New laws to impact California businesses in 2017

California businesses are preparing for a host of new laws set to take effect in 2017 and beyond. It’s a lot to take in, so I spoke with experts and business owners throughout the state to get an idea of what’s going to begin happening in just a few days.


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Oxnard native Anderson .Paak nominated for Grammy

This is local for my newspaper and I was given the assignment because I “write a lot of music reviews.” Hey, someone noticed to at least some capacity! Anyway, he’s ascended to hip-hop stardom in record time and it’s inspiring for a lot of locals to see someone in their neighborhood enjoy this much success.

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