Album review: TENGGER CAVALRY Cian Bi

Folk metal with traditional Mongolian instrumentation! I liked this record and while it isn’t perfect, it is one of the most creative pieces of music I’ve heard in some time. It’s definitely not a gimmick, but it’s definitely a must-listen for genre enthusiasts. Read.

I briefly chatted with Nature Ganganbaigal after the review published. He seems like a wonderfully kind and open person. I’m still not totally used to artists reaching out after I cover them and it’s nice to know that my writing is resonates with some of the musicians I cover enough for them to personally thank me. Just glad to have a small role in promoting this kind of music.

ALSO: From now on all album review headlines will match the Metal Injection format since that’s where all my music critiques are nowadays. Using quotations for albums is an old habit from the format my college newspaper used. Most major media outlets don’t seem to use that format so…Time to change. I’m not going back and changing the old posts. That’s too much effort. Give $5,000 to my nonexistent Patreon and I’ll do it.

Album review: Erdve’s ‘Vaitojimas’

I was struggling to find much to write about this month, especially on the music front. Kind of chose this one on a whim and…Eh, could have been worse. Of course, I just recently found two albums I am genuinely interested in covering and will be slammed with those reviews for the rest of the month. As was bound to happen. More on that later.


Album review: Dawn Ray’d’s ‘The Unlawful Assembly’

The Unlawful Assembly

The Unlawful Assembly

Hey friends, a bit late on this, but I reviewed Dawn Ray’d’s killer debut “The Unlawful Assembly” for Metal Injection last week. Holidays+sickness=a bit of a posting delay. It’s not perfect, but it’s still pretty great and you should check it out. The record, I mean. The review is obviously perfect. Read it here.

That wraps up the reviews I’m going to be publishing this year. Going to be working on my “Albums of the Year” list for Metal Injection now, and I’m absolutely beyond excited that my list is actually going to be published on a mainstream website and get some real traction. The lists I’ve written for the last few years got nothing because I had no real platform, and this is going to be an awesome change of pace. That, and it means the underground bands I love will actually get some good attention. Seriously, I can’t wait.

I’ve posted a bit less this month and December will probably be the same. Been writing a few other things, but not the kind of things that’d be published publicly. That, plus the holidays+sickness. Still going to try to stick with the “minimum three articles a month,” but I’ve been especially prolific recently and that aforementioned stuff+I gotta pace myself and whatnot. Already making plans for reviews of stuff in January and regular writing schedule will resume soon.

ANYWAY, this Dawn Ray’d review was interesting. I expected a bit of backlash when noting and more-or-less endorsing the band’s strong political stances, and I think writing about bigotryand let’s not sugarcoat it, nazism—in metal is worth an in-depth article in the near future. We’ll see.

For what it’s worth, it’s not that I ignore NSBM-related or ex-NSBM-related artists such as Nokturnal Mortum or White Death that put out stuff this year. I listened to those albums. I just didn’t think they were particularly good or worth covering, regardless of ideology. Didn’t even know about White Death’s political stances until after I listened to the record. Dawn Ray’d made a killer debut. They also happen to have a progressive stance. It’s the quality of the music that warranted coverage.

I’d like to explore this topic more in the future, but in the meantime, listen to Dawn Ray’d’s debut. It’s really good. And read my review.

Unless you’re a nazi punk. In that case, fuck off.

Album review: Toothgrinder’s ‘Phantom Amour’

Phantom Amour

Phantom Amour

I had heard snippets of Toothgrinder’s new record but held off on pitching a review until I had a chance to see them perform on Between the Buried and Me’s recent “Colors” tour. Well, Toothgrinder performed one of the best opening sets I’ve seen in years…So, review time!

“Phantom Amour” isn’t a magnificent, transcendent jaw-dropping masterpiece that will change the industry, but it’s still pretty good. Occasionally great. Fantastic, in a few cases. Buy it. And read the review I wrote for Metal Injection.

Album review: Ne Obliviscaris’ ‘Urn’



It kills me that I don’t love this album more, because like I said in my review, there really are few others bands I’d love to champion more than Ne Obliviscaris. This one is a fair bit worse than “Citadel,” which I already considered to be a significant decline in quality from “Portal of I.” Hope this isn’t a trend. Hardcore fans and prog devotees will enjoy this, but this isn’t the majestic, moving work that earned Ne Obliviscaris such goodwill.

Alright, I’ll stop paraphrasing my review and just link it already. Read here.

Album review: Howls of Ebb’s / Khthoniik Cerviiks’ ‘With Gangrene Edges / Voiidwarp’

With Gangrene Edges / Voiidwarp

With Gangrene Edges / Voiidwarp

Was great to rep some especially underground bands (well, we could argue about Howls of Ebb not being unknown, but you get the idea, compared to some of my more recent reviews). Bummer that Howls of Ebb has split up, but this is certainly a helluva high note to end on. Check it out.