Album review: ANAAL NATHRAKH A New Kind of Horror

Anaal Nathrakh was the first band I covered on this website. The Whole of the Law was so good that I just needed to cover it, even if it was on some dumb blog that nobody was going to read. I thought that maybe it could be the start of something good…

I’ve had a few milestones with these guys. Primarily the VICE article I wrote earlier in the year about the band, which was my first major freelance article I had published.

Reviewing the new record feels sort of like coming full circle. It’s masterclass stuff, by the way. Spoilers for the review, I guess. Here’s my review.

I was fortunate enough to get an advance copy of the record several months ago, so I have had a lot of time to listen to it and do a really deep dive into all its various aspects, which I hope reflects in the article. That also means I am 100% confident in my score. A New Kind of Horror is truly a modern classic.

Album reviews: PIG DESTROYER Head Cage & SKYHARBOR Sunshine Dust

hello it has been a minute.

It was a busy two months, with things like weddings, get togethers with college friends, battling a bout of asthma, sickness, trying to move out of an apartment that lacks workable internet and is in…the not-so-nice part of town.

Regardless, a little break from what has been a fairly consistent reviewing pace for almost two years couldn’t hurt.

My reviews of the new Pig Destroyer and Skyharbor records are up at Metal Injection. I’ll also be reviewing an album that I’m particularly ecstatic about near the end of the month. So…I guess I should start writing it. Be back soon.

p.s. Pig Destroyer was a particularly difficult one to write. Some of its songs “House of Snakes,” “Army of Cops” (surprisingly, it grew on me!), and a few others are genuinely 10/10 instant classics in my book but a significant chunk of the album is pretty boring filler. Still, I can’t discount the resounding high quality of the record’s high points so…The score is what it is.

ALSO, I couldn’t find a way to fit it in the review but it’s gotta be said somewhere: “Permanent Funeral” on the band’s Book Burner record opened with a blatant “Raining Blood” knockoff riff. “House of Snakes'” obviously pillages from “Blackened.” So will the closer on Pig Destroyer’s next record take from Anthrax or Megadeth? Will report back in half a decade when the next album is out…

Throwback Thursday: TRANSCENDING BIZARRE?’s The Serpent’s Manifolds is One of Black Metal’s Overlooked Oddities


Ahem. I filled in for Metal Injection’s usual #TBT columnist last week and used the opportunity to discuss a band that I chanced upon in high school and have been listening to semi-regularly ever since. Transcending Bizarre? is a great band and this is pretty much the only time I can think of to relevantly write about them. This is cliche and certainly applies to a lot of the metal stuff I write, but if you told me one decade ago that I’d be able to hype up this completely unknown music group for one of the web’s largest metal publications, I’d laugh you out the door.

I was also excited to be able to talk to Haris, who served as the band’s keyboardist, for the article. Loved the standout memory he shared with me. Haris, if you’re reading this, thanks for the quick turnaround and in-depth answers! You rock.

The Warped Tour article

I covered Warped Tour’s final Ventura date for the Ventura County Star. Here is the article.

I was The Star’s guy for interviewing Mark McGrath at the Ventura County Fair last year and I was excited to bring my love for music journalism, which I typically only get to work on outside of the 9-5 newsroom job, back to the newspaper.

Alright, that sounded ridiculously corporate. But this was a genuinely fun and exciting opportunity and I think my enthusiasm for this kind of coverage is apparent in the article.

The best music of 2018 so far + My one year anniversary freelancing for Metal Injection

I (and others) wrote about my top five records of 2018 so far for Metal Injection. It was genuinely challenging to narrow this list down to five entries, which says a lot about the superb quality of music released in the last six months. It’s been a phenomenal year for music and many of my most-anticipated albums haven’t even come out yet. Plus, I’ve missed a couple of albums that I have particularly high hopes for.

Anyway, here’s my part of the article.

I have to give an honorable mention to Of Feather and Bone’s excellent “Bestial Hymns of Perversion,” which just barely missed the cut. Check out one of the songs and support this great band.

Anyway (again), this feature roughly marks my one year anniversary writing for Metal Injection. Although I’ve been writing about heavy metal since high school, I never had a real outlet to publish my content, since school newspapers are generally (in fairness, rightfully so) hesitant to regularly publish such niche content.

I started this blog in late 2016 with the singular intent of building a portfolio of high-quality writing that would eventually cause editors to take notice. I’m not the best at networking for careers. I’d reckon it’s one of my largest professional weaknesses and while I’m trying to work on that, I hadn’t actively written about music—or any of my interests, really—for about a year and knew I needed new content to show off.

I spent about seven months writing a minimum of three articles per month for this blog with the hopes that it would result in…something. I don’t know how many hours I put in, but it was probably somewhere in the triple digits. It’s brutally demoralizing to put so much time into article after article for seemingly zero payoff, only to end up looking like “another idiot with a blog.”

Of course, none of that should imply that my struggle was unique or that I was owed anything. I’m sure there are countless people who have been on a similar path, and I’m lucky enough to at least have a “normal” 9-5 journalism job.

Regardless, when Metal Injection co-founder Robert Pasbani responded to one of my emails inquiring about freelance work last June, it was one of the most exciting professional moments of my life.

I think it’s reasonable to say that the last two years have generally been fairly bleak, especially for those of us that work in the journalism world. Having an outlet to write about (primarily metal) music, one of my true passions, has made it bearable. Here’s to…more of that in the future.