It was a busy summer at IndieWire and I’d like to think I’ve hit the ground running. Been a few months since the last post here and I figure I might as well share some of my reporting, analyses and features I’ve worked on. Let’s pretend that I intentionally waited until the official start of fall to share my summer content and haven’t just been sitting on a draft of this post for over a month due to procrastination. It turns out that the manic hustle to constantly self-promote doesn’t seem as important when you’re no longer working in an environment where mass layoffs are the corporate culture. Well, this is still the journalism industry, so knock on wood. But uhh…

Ahem. Anyway, while scanning over my IndieWire portfolio to find a few particularly interesting things to share here I was pleasantly surprised to see that I’d have to be somewhat selective. Again, it was a busy summer! Here’s a listicle:

The 71st Emmys Was a Catastrophic Failure for Awards Show Viewership
From today. Year-over-year viewership dropped by a third!

What’s the Best Way to Cut Through Peak TV’s Clutter? Executives Face a Huge Dilemma My takeaway from over 20 Television Critics Association interviews on the industry’s future.

‘Two Sentence Horror Stories’: Stage 13 Makes Genre Content Inclusive and Gets CW Debut A feature on a relatively new Warner Bros. studio and its recently-released horror miniseries.

AT&T Shape: Virtual Reality Has Potential, But the Skepticism Is Well-Earned Virtual reality has been the next big thing for years and I wrote about the tech is still failing to impress, despite being a major focus of big events such as AT&T Shape.

Analysts React to Apple TV+: ‘It’s Going to Be a Cash Drain’ I asked analysts if they were :[ or :] on Apple TV+ and most of them said :[

The IndieWire Guide to Streaming on a Budget – This article is IndieWire’s guide to streaming on a budget.

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