A halt on my Disney reviews

Nov 7 update: Disney lifted the ban on the Los Angeles Times after several other major outlets and individuals, including the New York Times and CNN’s Jake Tapper, stood in solidarity with the Los Angeles Times. With the ban lifted, this article is somewhat a moot point, since I assume all critics will resume attending press screenings. As for me, my schedule is packed and reviews of the Disney releases mentioned below aren’t a high priority. We’ll see.

Regardless, it warms my heart to see so many major news organizations and reporters show support for the Los Angeles Times.

It’s become something of a tradition for me to review the latest Marvel films and television shows. I’m a huge fan of the Marvel Cinematic Universe and even though I get paid nothing to review them (either financially or in exposure) it’s still something that I’ve enjoyed doing.

I’m going to halt my reviews for the time being, though. It’s right to stand in solidarity with the Los Angeles Times since Disney has banned the news organization from its press screenings. The ramifications of Disney’s action are apparent and have been well articulated by several journalists at publications ranging from the Washington Post to The A.V. Club.

It’s laughable to compare my blog to any of these publications. I’m well aware that my readership numbers are an infinitesimal fraction of any of the aforementioned news organizations or those of any comparably established film critic. This website is essentially a glorified portfolio.

Still, I can’t see any reason to exert creative effort or write anything that could be construed as free advertising for Disney. Unless they issue a formal apology to the Los Angeles Times and rescind the ban, it’s clear that Disney does not care about freedom of the press.

If I’m going to write for free which all of the non-Metal Injection articles on this website are I’d rather write about releases that are published by businesses that aren’t so nakedly hostile to honest, important journalism.

So, no review of “Thor: Ragnarok” or Netflix’s upcoming “The Punisher.”

Thanks for reading.

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