I’m a contributor at Metal Injection now

So, that happened.

Pop culture critique — especially heavy metal record reviewing — has always been one of my major passions and one of the main things that motivated me to get into journalism in the first place. I’ve sought to monetize my pop culture writing for quite some time but have always struggled to create the all-important industry connections that would make that possible.

So, I created this website. I figured that if I couldn’t make the connections, I’d consistently churn out high quality content until the powers that be were forced to acknowledge me.

I’ve sunk an enormous amount of personal time into this blog, and the work has been emotionally grueling at times. I find this kind of writing to be cathartic and an enjoyable creative challenge (and forcing myself to discover interesting new music is a definite positive), but when you regularly spend your weekends writing meticulous thousand-plus word reviews and publishing them to complete radio silence, it really, really starts to wear you down. I don’t mean to suggest that this makes me special or “better” than anyone else, just that it feels great to finally see nine months of seemingly thankless work pay off.

On that note, I’m ecstatic to begin working with Metal Injection. Getting paid to write this stuff goes a long way to legitimize my work, which I’m incredibly thankful for. But beyond that (and more importantly), I’m especially excited because Metal Injection is one of the genre’s leading voices and commands a significant following.

Marketing is not my strong suit, and I can count the number of times I received feedback for my self-published reviews on both hands. Having a platform that will publish and promote my work is infinitely important, and a fantastic professional milestone for me.

While I’m currently on a month-long “trial” period with the publication, Metal Injection’s reviews editor quite liked my material and given that I’m set up with a few major metal record labels’ promo releases, I’m confident that I’ll be here for the duration.

Going forward, most of my heavy metal record reviews will be published on Metal Injection. I’ll obviously be posting the links to them here, though the actual content will be on Metal Injection’s website. I’ll still publish non metal review articles on this website, though I’ll obviously want to channel a good portion of my creative energy into reviews for the publication to ensure that … Y’know, they’re good and stuff. I’ve kept to a three posts per month standard quite well and I plan on maintaining that. Jury is still out on exactly how many Metal Injection reviews I’ll be writing per month, though I’d guestimate it’ll usually be two.

Anyway, like I said, fantastic professional milestone. I look forward to working with Metal Injection and I hope you look forward to reading my reviews that will be regularly appearing on the website.

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