Bitcoin ATMs now open in Oxnard and Simi Valley

Got bitcoin? Access to the digital cryptocurrency is now just a brief ATM visit away for Ventura County residents.

Coinsource, a company that establishes bitcoin ATMs throughout the nation, officially announced the launch of two bitcoin ATM machines in Oxnard and Simi Valley Monday. Check out my full story here.

Note 1: You can’t buy bitcoin like a gift card. If you’re looking to acquire the digital currency you typically need to meet up with a local trader (Localbitcoins is a popular service) or go through your bank (either in person or via a mobile app like Circle).

ATMs could be considered a comparably simple and familiar way to acquire bitcoin. If you’re looking to dip your feet into the cryptocurrency waters, this may be a good jumping off point. Reminder that there are transaction fees for using bitcoin ATMs (the price of privacy).

Note 2: Though stated in the article, I’ll stress again that you don’t need to purchase a minimum of one bitcoin. At press time, one bitcoin was worth $726.36 but users are free to buy as little as one dollar’s worth of BTC.

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